• I normally post Monday through Thursday, with an occasional post on Friday.
  • Whether you are a new reader, or a regular visitor, note that I post articles that I believe are relevant to the day, regardless of my political, philosophical, or sociological position on them.
  • My designation of “positive/negative” does not mean that the article is for or against Trump himself, or that the author necessarily aligns with Trump, but that the content of the article aligns positively or negatively with a stated position or motivation of the President.  Hence, you may find a HuffPo article designated as “positive”, or a National Review article designated as “negative”.
  • I obtain my sources from several aggregator sites, social media, and other international news sites that I think play it relatively down the middle.  I attempt to hit all sides of the spectrum.  Some days, this is easy; other days, it is not.
  • I try to do what I can within a 60-90 minute period daily; hence, quite obviously, I’m not aiming for a 24-hr moving target, but collecting what I can when I can.